PHOTOS: Kumasi Choked With Heavy Traffic Ahead Of Christmas Festivities

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The Central Business District of Kumasi is choked with vehicles and humans competing for space, Kapital News can report.

Commuters  struggle in long and overcrowded queues to make their way out as a result of intense human traffic.

An enormous crowd beyond once wildest imagination can be seen around popular places such as ’18 Mu’, Central market,PZ  area but due to the intensity of the crowd most of them are forced to trudge to their destinations.

This scenario has also led to the popular pick pocketing venture festering around these choked places.

Traders have also taken over pavements to sell their goods leaving commuters to struggle for space.   The situation which is becoming a ritual during the festive season has worsened due to the barricade that has been erected to  ward off the public from going near the ongoing redevelopment of the  Kejetia bus terminal.

Kapital News’s Hafiz Tijani reports that some commuters fear the traffic situation if not checked by city authorities could result in a stampede or suffocation.

“I think it is because of the frequent movement of tricycle in the central business district and some people too are selling on the pavement and roads. And because they are selling there, those who go to buy also stand on the road, causing the heavy traffic” a man indicated.

“There is no space at Kejetia now. Nowhere to pass. I nearly suffocated. I think those selling on the roads must be taken off from there to ease the traffic” a frustrated lady indicated.


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