PWDs in Ashanti to demonstrate over new STC buses

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Persons living with disability in the Ashanti region are threatening to demonstrate against government over the recently commissioned STC buses.

President Mahama on Saturday, October 22, commissioned 50 new Scania Marcopolo buses to help boost the operations of STC, which has been challenged financially in recent times.

The President pledged that as long as he remained president, he would ensure the STC surmounts the challenges that confront it.

He indicated that the new buses will help boost the operations of the transport company and in turn help Ghanaians, however speaking to Kapital News, the Ashanti regional president of the Ghana Soceity for the Physically Disabled, (GSPD), Prince Debrah said none of the buses’ features as specified by the president concerns persons with disability.

“Over the weekends we had the chance to watch the news on UTV and we saw the government launch 50 STC buses to the STC company and these buses he gave out the features of the buses, saying it had wi-fi internet access, washrooms and toilets and so forth, but he did not mention whether the buses are accessible to persons with disability, that alone is our problem. We wanted him to put things in order for us because for the government or the sate giving out these specifications fora company to design these buses for them, they should have at least think about us and make at least five or ten accessible for persons with disability. We were in Accra when he launched the motor tricycle in Accra, that is a plus for him but we want more. These buses are in, its going to last forever.., we will be traveling, how come we have to go into the terminal and somebody has to carry us into the buses, this is not fair and this is our grievances that we are letting it out that the government should come out and tell us that these buses, among them there are at least a few of them which are accessible for persons with disability.”

He questioned why they were sidelined in almost all aspects and hinted that preparations for the demonstrations are far advanced.

“Any moment from now we will decide and give out the date because it is going to be a surprise”. He added.

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