RealSONA: How many lives have you transformed ‘Mr. President’?

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Just some few days ago, President John Dramani Mahama  addressed Ghanaians at Parliament on the State of the Nation’s Address, SONA. It is a constitutional mandate for every sitting president to address the citizens of Ghana on the state of affairs of the country yearly. It was over two and half hour address made by the President.

Though it was a long address, most Ghanaians were still glued to their television and radio sets waiting to hear what government has done for his or her area.

Whereas some Ghanaians hold the school of thought that what President Mahama presented are ‘lies’ others think  it is reflective on the ground especially because  some ‘Evidence’ were shown to buttress the economic outlook under the NDC government.

To know more about what I am talking about, visit the “gallery” because everything is there!

What is the gallery? According to President Mahama, everything he has presented is contained in a gallery comprising of projects embarked by government and the people who have benefited from the projects captured as evidence of his hard work so it was the most popular word used throughout the presentation on Thursday February 25, 2016.

However, the main opposition party New Patriotic Party (NPP) headed by its Flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo insists the True State of the Nation was not presented to Ghanaians hence the need to expose the government in what he [Nana Addo] terms the Real State of the nation.

So after perusing what the President presented, Nana Addo mounted a podium not in Parliament and without a Speaker of Parliament and presented the views of the NPP and some Ghanaians to the nation.

But throughout his presentation, no single evidence in the “gallery” was shown to Ghanaians, making it appear ‘vague’ and unsubstantiated so called “True SONA”.

I wasn’t convinced by the presentation because I feel it is the normal politicking, however that is my opinion, but do you side with this “abstract SONA”?

All we kept hearing was that “every contract by this government is inflated’’ with reference to  AMERI, MMT re-branding, Ridge Hospital reconstruction etc without evidence.

Allegations about corrupt practices have been leveled against the government which could either be true or false.

But If I may ask, is the SONA for promises?

I heard the incoming President assuring of restoring Teachers and Nursíng Trainees’ allowances if the NPP comes to power. So was it a Political rally that Nana mounted a stage for or was he seriously addressing the current state of the country?

In fact, was it is necessary at all for the NPP to rebut what the President presented and would that put food on our table?

And what even infuriates me the more as a Ghanaian is the intention of government to waste our time by organizing a Press Conference to counter what the NPP has put out!

The public is left to judge whether we are serious as a country.

I am tempted to ask, is ruling a country like an Academic Exercise where you can do ‘choose bi di’ or ‘is it the Real Deal’.

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