Show interest in waste management issues-Gorkeh Miah to Ghanaian youth

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Waste Management Director at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has challenged the Ghanaian youth to show interest in waste management, sanitation and environmental issues.

According to John Gorkeh-Miah, the youth will be in the best position to fight insanitary conditions and filth in their communities should they take up the challenge.

Although the director admitted the challenges in the sector, he is optimistic that the youth by helping to improve sanitation, will be impacting positively on the Ghanaian society.

He lamented inhuman treatment sanitation officers go through in the hands of some members of the general public coupled with the risk of contracting diseases in the discharge of their duties and low remunerations as major challenges confronting waste management in the country.

Mr Miah said, despite these challenges, the youth must not give up efforts aimed at improving sanitation in their various communities.

The Waste Management Director who was speaking to Michael Essel Mills on Daybreak Kapital on Thursday, May 04, 2017 indicated that “people are not interested. Even waste management when you come there, as for us, people treat us as the waste we collect. We don’t have respect in the public eye. They insult us right, left, center. So it doesn’t allow people to come in. That is why we have small number of people doing large jobs. But I wish to encourage people that is an area that when you come, your mind is opened, you have to read every day, you have to practicalize, you have to be innovative. So is an area that will compel you to think. So I will urge the youth doing all courses to take waste management, sanitation and environmental science seriously so they can come and join us. Very soon some of us will take our exit and there will be a gap. My appeal here is that people should enroll and come and join us help clean Ghana, when Ghana is clean, everybody will be healthy. Everybody can contribute their quota to the development of the nation”.

Responding to questions on what measures his outfit was putting in place to avert possible outbreak of Cholera in the Kumasi metropolis and the Ashanti region, he said sanitation officers across the region had adopted proactive measures to ensure cases of cholera and other contaminated diseases were not recorded as the rains set in.

He also advised the public to abide by proper sanitary practices to complement their efforts in the fight against filth.

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