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Hey Good Morning family. It’s ‪#‎SocialMediaTuesday‬ on a bright Tuesday. My prayer is that you have a fulfilling day but please your day will not be complete without ‪#‎FLS‬.
Drop your #FLS and ‪#TeamNBY‬ will do his thing.As always priority is given to post sent via Kapital971.com

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    • Cassandra mensah October 18, 2016

      Hello Good morning NBY my FLS is Dolly parton…from here to the moon and back to my husband inside silicon Avenue Kentinkrono

    • Nana Adjei October 18, 2016

      Good morning family! Hope you’re doing well NBY jamie Grace beautiful day to my dearest friend Nana Ephia and Abigirl loves them all

    • Name October 18, 2016

      hello NBY hope u gud. Enrique iglesias music only a woman is my fls for today n it’s going out to Tony at tanoso, Michael, Gracie n nana Adjei not forgetting mahony n u

    • Jacob Glover October 18, 2016

      My Maria, by Brooks and Dunn is my fls going out to Mavis and to all Friends of FLS with NBY, you guys are such an amazing character, love you all. muah! muah!! good day NBY

    • Alicia October 18, 2016

      Good Morning NBY…today dea, i’m posting. Please play me “Marry you” to my lovely sexy handsome gogomi by name Vandame. Please tell him i love him okay just that im a lil scared but i love being with him, spending time with together, starring at him, eating together and getting on his nerves then he will say gadogit! please tell him i care and love him…

      Thanks NBY , hehehehehehe…(please dont get jealous)

    • Akosua Jetli October 18, 2016

      Wassup NBY.. pls play me “Obia to” …im dedicating it specially to u NBY for always playing our songs for us…Gye wo 2 ooo…hahahahaha

    • Oppong Steven October 18, 2016

      Hi nby. Today’s fls is one that Abimens asked me to request for her. And the song is quit playing games with my heart by Backstreet Boys. Thank you

    • Alicia October 18, 2016

      Good Morning NBY. Please play me “Marry you” by Bruno Mars. Going out to my special Vandame. I love him like crazy, i love how he gets on my nerves and gets me to smile and cool off at the same time, gadogit. Medo no wae so he shud stop that schemish things he do no na it wont help us…Love him..

      thanks to u tooo nby

    • Appiah Faustina October 18, 2016

      Whiskey lullaby by Brad Paisley is a song I wanna enjoy with ma sweetheart Steven. Just wanna tell him to keep his eyes on the road. Good morning Nana

    • Nana Yaw Kwakye Evans October 18, 2016

      Weakness in me by Keisha White…..it goes out to SUZY,Nana Akua Boahemaa,Immaculatar,Augustina,Pearl and Yaa Grace…Gm

    • Afriyie Richard October 18, 2016

      Hi,NBY its been quite some time but please do forgive me.My fls for today is from Bryan Adams Heaven for myself this morning

    • Alicia October 18, 2016

      Good Morning NBY, today dea, im posting. please play me “Marry you” by Bruno Mars. Going out to my special, cute and sexy gogomi Vandame. i love how he gets on my nerves and also gets me to smile and cool off…gadogit! i love him sooo much but he can be annoying sometimes but its all part of the package. I love him wae so he shud stop doing that schemish things wae… have a great day NBY and thanks… please don’t get jealous wae

    • Name October 18, 2016

      Gudmornin NBY how r u doin ma FLS 4 today is Justin Bieber song baby gos ma frenz Omefe,Rebecca,Dancehall,C9,Daa Joe,u NBY,Felicity of kapital radio n sumone special Gladys Asante i lovr u all # kisses.


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