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Why are we so fixated about elections?

If it is because your vote matters so much, what is the true worth of your ballot?

Yes your thumb is powerful because it can change leaders and shape policies bla bla bla……

But in our case, the politicians, with our consent, have determined the value of our votes – 50 GH in matches box, customized paraphernalia etc

Anytime we take those material things from politicians, we tell them that is all we deserve;that is the true worth of our thumbs.

Instead of we the employers forcing our employees (the politicians) to do our bidding, we now beg to court their favour – how sad

For once, tell yourself you are worth more than anything a politician will use to entice your vote. Don’t sell the future of our children so cheaply to the politician because the politician is no friend of yours

When you risk your life and die because of ballot or vote or election, I beg to ask: are you a hero or you are an idiot? You are not that cheap – tell the politician that and act accordingly.

Kombian Somtuaka

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