Sweden government fears nation’s falling libido is ‘a political problem’ orders sex study

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A dip in the sex drive of couples in Sweden could become a ‘political problem’ if it is not corrected, the country’s government warned today.

Public Health Minister Gabriel Wikstrom said the last full study of Swedes’ sex habits was 20 years ago – and media reports and surveys now indicated a decrease in sexual activity.

Wikstrom told the country’s Dagens Nyheter newspaper: “It is important to find out how much less sex Swedes are having, and what the reason is.

“If stress and other health issues are affecting Swedes’ sex lives, then that makes it a political problem.”

The Public Health Agency of Sweden had now been tasked to carry out a full study into the nation’s bedroom habits and prepare a report by 2019.

Sweden's Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport, Gabriel Wikstrom

Sweden’s Minister for Health Care, Public Health and Sport, Gabriel Wikstrom

Earlier this year, Mr Wikstrom publicly proclaimed on Twitter that noisy sex is good for your health and added that it was for the greater good thanks to its individual benefits.

He later said: “Sex is a political matter as well. We often discuss sex in negative terms, like, for example, we relate it to rape, we relate it to sexual abuse… but not to the positive thing that sex really is.

“I think we should really start to talk about sex as something positive.

“I think Swedes should have all the sex they want to have.

Many Swedes feel they don’t have as much sex as they want to because of stress and work-related problems.”




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