The Million Dollar Question:What is Ghana’s real plan against terrorism?

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It is no hidden fact that terrorists the world over have serious hate for America, the West, and their allies. Any least opportunity they get, they never fail to strike as hard as possible on vulnerable citizens of their enemy countries.

These Super Powers being aware of the intent of terrorists have tightened internal security, making it almost impossible for the terrorists to operate within their borders.

The religious extremists have resorted to the alternative of attacking citizens of enemy nations at vantage points.

Recent mass shootings, arson, hostage taking, sieges, and counter attacks by these insurgents, especially in West Africa, reveal a certain pattern.

The Sunday March 13, 2016 attack was targeted at L’Etoile du Sud Hotel on the Grand Bassam Beach some 25 miles east of Abidjan, an area popular with westerners. The attack which has claimed about 16 lives, including four foreign nationals, was clearly an attack on France.

The 15 January targeted attack by 7 Al-Qaeda linked gunmen that resulted in about 30 deaths, over 56 non-fatal injuries and 176 hostages, took place at the Capuccino Restaurant, Splendid Hotel and Yibi Hotel. These hotels are common places in the Burkinabe capital where French citizens and westerners frequent. There was no better place for them to vent “revenge against France and the disbelieving West” than those places.

The mass shooting and hand grenade attacks on 20th November 2015 that led to the loss of about 22 lives in Bamako, the capital of Mali, was targeted at the Radisson Blu Hotel, a preferred choice for westerners.

In the light of all these, what is the signal to Ghana and all of West Africa?

Symbols of continued colonial presence as well as areas frequented by westerners have become preferred targets for terrorists to send strong signals to the Super Powers and former colonial masters.

However, since they are known for attacking the least expected areas, countries within the West African sub-region should beef up security to annihilate potential threats, and to ensure the security of their fragile, vulnerable and innocent citizens.

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