It’s time for you to restore your dignity -Dr. Bawumia tells Northerners

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Vice presidential candidate of the opposition New Patriotic Party, NPP Dr. Mahamud Bawumia is of the view that his Northern brother from the governing NDC who is the president of the republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama has dragged the integrity of the people of the northern origin into the mud.

And for the people of the North to regain their lost integrity and respect, there was the need for John Mahama to be booted out in the upcoming elections.

Dr. Bawumia said this when he was addressing party supporters during a campaign tour of the Bongo Constituency in the Upper East region.

He also said the greatest corruption ever witnessed in Ghana was under the watch of John Mahama without any action taken to stop it.

According to him, Northerners were known to be credible until, the actions and in-actions of president Mahama brought disgrace to them, of which he said needed to be cleansed .

“Northerners were always a proud people, we value our integrity, we don’t have money but we have pride. We are seen as honest people, this is the way our fathers worked. Honesty was the guiding principle of the northern elite of those days and northerners as a whole. We were honest and we valued our integrity. Today the people of Ghana are viewing us very differently and therefore it is time to restore the pride of northerners and the way to restore that pride is to get rid of this John Mahama corrupt government. That is the only we are going to restore that pride,” he observed

Dr. Bawumia added that the Mahama led administration is the most corrupt government the country has ever witnessed in its political history.

“John Mahama’s government is the most corrupt government in the history of Ghana, there is no question about that; dollar for dollar, cedi for cedi, this is the most corrupt government. And he has the audacity to come to the north to tell the northerners to vote for him again because he is your brother. Why does your government steal from northerners if they care about northerners and why do they want us to give them an opportunity to steal more from the very northerners they say you are trying to protect. Let’s face it; John Mahama’s government is a disgrace to northerners,” he stated

The economist also noted that the NDC government is incompetent and only good at looting the tax payers’ money.

He queried government on the GYEEDA and SADA monies that were meant to develop the northern zone. He said despite the overspending and borrowing by government all the sectors of the economy have been destroyed by the NDC.

“NPP used GH20 billion to govern Ghana with many social intervention polices; NHIS, Youth Employment, Metro mass transit, Nurses and teacher trainee allowances etc but NDC John Mahama government has at its disposal GHC248 billion yet everything in Ghana is wahala. NHIS wahala, free maternal health wahala, freeding grants wahala, Nurses and teachers allowance wahala, Capitation grants wahala,” he bemoaned
Dr.Bawumia however assured that an NPP government would restore the Teachers and Nurses allowances wholely not the “419” restoration by the current NDC government.

He therefore urged Ghanaians to vote massively for Nana Addo and the NPP and say “bye bye” to President Mahama in the December polls.
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