I was told to be a preacher since my name is not a ‘footballing’ name – Abednego Tetteh

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In his debut season in the Ghana Premier League, he got a call up to the senior national team, the Black Stars, which is the dream of many footballers and it seem it came easy but no, it didn’t.

For Abednego Tetteh, it has taken lot’s of work and sacrifices to reach this feat.

From a humble beginning, the Bechem United star player is one of the many players who have moved from one team to the other, travelling out of Ghana all in a bid to find a good contract for their football career.

Prior to the second half of the 2015/16 league season, he had had a topsy turvy career and at a point, was told by a fan to rather become a preacher instead of playing football.

Kapital Sports’ Afia Acheampong caught up with the top scorer of the Bechem club as he bears it all.

Afia: Hi, how are you doing?

Abednego: I’m well Afia, you?

Afia: I’m good, tell me how did it all start?

Abednego: My senior brother was a footballer, he used to take me to the field so we went there watching the game and a ball went out and I was supposed to go for the ball but when I went for the ball, I played a Caesar kick and then a man told me you will be a very god footballer, I was about 9 to 10 years and happened it Ashiaman; a park named Ashiaman Government school park”. By that time I was schooling so after about a year, the man formed a team called Me and You Babies and we started playing with teams at surrounding communities for matches. We usually played contributed for the winner in what is known in the local parlance as ‘)nky3de’.

Afia: What’s the name of the man and how old were you then?

Abednego: The name of the man was Bro Dan but we used to call him Mugeyaaro and I was about 12 or 13 years when I was playing for the team so from there I played for a colts football team called Young Brazilians but because of my height, you know by that time they have to check your height before you can play for a team and I was tall but young but because of my height I couldn’t play for the colts. I went straight to Prampram Mighty Royals for a justifier then I was selected.

Afia: How did your parent take the news that you wanted to be a footballer

Abednego: My parents love football very much so they are very support, they supported when I was young and will insist I finish up my homework after school before I go out for training or play football, sometimes I will go for training in the morning and then go to school in the afternoon (afternoon shift) so they have been very supportive.

Afia: Have you always played as a striker

Abednego: I started as a defender because when I went there, the strikers were old and very strong players so I was afraid a little so I said I was a defender so they picked me and I played in the defense for one season but one day when the striker wasn’t there, I told them I can strike and they gave me a chance, I played and I scored two goals, since then I started playing as a number 7 for the team, no more defending.

Afia: Which teams have you played for?

Abednego: I played for Prampram Mighty Royals for two years and then went to Inter Port and I played for two years there, then I had two seasons with Fair Point, we went to the middle league twice and then I went to Turkey for trials, everything was alright but my agent was fighting with the team about the money involved so he left me there and I was stranded so I came back to Ghana with the help of Mr. Arthur, the owner of Fair Point. I had another two seasons with Fair Point and afterwards signed for Okwawu United during the 2014/15 season and then to Bechem United in the 2015/16 season.

Afia: How was the experience like playing professional football

Abednego: My experience in the division one league was my first match against Okwawu United at Tema, it was Fair Point against Okwawu United, I scored a brace and assisted one, everyone was saying Okwawu United is not a small team, I can’t play against them but after that game, the supporters of Okwawu United hailed me and said they won’t let me go, so that was when Okwawu United started following me, every time I played their fans came around to watch me play and my experience with Bechem too, it was my first time in the premier league so I was a little bit nervous but you know me, I’m a guy when I’m nervous, that’s when I do my things so I started the league and in the first round, I had only four goals and sometimes the supporters attack me verbally, sometimes also physically. I remember after our match with Kotoko, a supporter came to the camp with Bible, telling me Abednego is not a name for football, it’s a name for preaching so I should take this Bible and go to the lorry park to Preach. So I took the Bible and since then I started reading the Bible, I couldn’t even go out because when I go out, they attack me, some will insult me but I didn’t give up and I told myself I will prove myself to this people and God willing I did it, after the first round, we came back for the second round and everybody was saying Abednego, Abednego, even when they are playing and I’m not in the team, you will hear the supporters chanting Abednego, Abednego, Abednego so you see what God can do? If you put your trust in God, that’s what he will do for you.

Afia: In your debut season in the top flight, you got a call up to the Black Stars, how did you receive the news and how was it like in camp?

Abednego: For my experience in the Black Stars, I heard the call up while I was on bed, praying, it’s was a journalist friend that called me to be ready for a call up and I was surprised but I was praying, hoping it’s true. Later my PRO came and asked me to get ready since I have been called to the Black stars. It was a nice experience for me, I learnt from the guys and it’s not true that the Black stars don’t mingle with the local players because I found a new family there, some even dashed me their jerseys and money when I was leaving, they are really nice and I wish to join them back.

Afia: Who do you look up to in football?

Abednego: In football the one I look up to is Zlatan Ibrahimovic because I heard of his story from a Swedish agent that he was from a humble home and I’m happy anytime I see him on the field, he is like the king on the field, he never looks at anybody and does what he knows howto do best. I also like Cristiano Ronaldo, he is one guy that makes the game very interesting, Messi is one of the best players in the world but for me I’m a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo can do the work with any part of his body, that’s why I like him but Ibrahimovic inspires me and that’s why I call myself the Ibrahimovic of Ghana Football.

Afia: How do you relate to your friends now?

Abednego: Personally I don’t see myself as a better person than others so I’m very cool with all of them even though now the respect they have for me is very high but I don’t even like it that way.

Afia: Where do you aspire to be in some years to come?

Abednego: For my future, every player wants to play in the highest league in the world so that’s my wish; to play in the big leagues and to play in the Champions League too, I want to have a taste of Champions League and the World Cup also.



Source: Afia Acheampong|kapital971.com

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