If You Would Vote for Me and not Vote for Mahama, Forget It – Samuel Sarpong

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The Parliamentary Candidate for Nhyiaeso Constituency in Kumasi, on the ticket of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Dr. Samuel Sarpong has appealed to electorates in his constituency to vote for him as their Member of Parliament, and also vote to retain President John Dramani Mahama in the December polls.

“Now that the youth have actually understood my message, it is up to me to also appeal to them that if you vote for Samuel Sarpong and you don’t vote for John Mahama, then you must as well forget it because at the end of the day, John Mahama would definitely become the next president of the republic of Ghana, and Samuel Sarpong will feel confident in working with him,” he told GBC in Kumasi.

Samuel Sarpong, expressed optimism of winning the upcoming polls because his works speak for him.

According to him, it is not justifiable to refer to a particular area as the stronghold of one particular party because the electorates are enlightened more than ever.

To this end, they would elect a candidate of quality who stands tall among his peers, and one who has the capabilities to deliver. that person, be believes should be him.

“As at now, if I compare myself to the other contestants, I can say without any fear of contradiction that I stand tall.

“The trick is that, I have been the mayor of Kumasi and at the same time the regional minister. When I was the Mayor of Kumasi, I actually made them to understand that when you talk of the district assembly policies, it is actually devoid of partisan politics and for that matter, I do not expect anybody to bring any political colors into the assembly. That was my first appeal to the assembly members,” Mr. Sarpong added.

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