Who’s the original Chief of Nkotumso-Nkasawura?

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Conflict is gradually knocking on the doors of people of Nkotumso-Nkasawura, a farming community in the Denkyira traditional area of the Denkyira East district in the Central region.

This unpalatable information the Punch Newspaper has gathered is a clear and emerging threat to security and peace to the people of NKOTUMSO NKASAWURA.

It is alleged that, one Mr Joseph Nkuah Mensah Alias Kwabena Ebo, known in private life as “INCUMBENT”who is a spare parts dealer at Abossey Okai in Accra, is allegedly parading himself as the chief of NKOTUMSO_NKASAWURA with a stool name Nana Anyimadu II.

This has gingered Elder Aduonum, a preferred Chief and  Abusuapanin Kwabena Afoakwa of the royal Ahwene family who are true occupants of the NKOTUMSO NKASAWURA traditional stool to stand with stubborn determination to ensure that nobody takes the black stool from the Royal family.

Speaking to the Abusuapanin of the Royal Ahwene family, Kwabena Afoakwa, said, after the death of the late Nana Yamoah Ponko II, the then Chief of NKOTUMSO NKASAWURA,principal members and elders of the royal Ahwene family required the then Queen mother of the area,Nana Kwaa Kosua II and the Abusuapanin Ebu Kwabena Afoakwa to nominate a candidate to be considered for the occupancy of the black stool.

According to him, the then queen mother nominated Mr Joseph  Nkuah Mensah (Incumbent) whom according to the Abusuapanin Kwabena Afoakwa is from the larger royal Kona/Ahwene family and the Abusuapanin himself nominated one Papa Nyamekye who is from the immediate Royal family.

After the nominations, the principal and elders of the stool rejected Mr Joseph Nkuah Mensah known as Incumbent for not been a true  and a blood member of the royal Ahwene family.  The Queen mother also refused to accept Papa Nyamekye after  her  nominee(incumbent) has been rejected by the principal members of the stool.

The matter then came before the then Denkyirahene Nana Boa Amponsem III, who then invited all stakeholders involved in the matter to his palace for resolution of the matter. The matter was adjourned for the first sitting because it couldn’t been resolved.

It is alleged that before the second sitting, the then Queen mother took the advantage of  Denkyirahene’s health conditions and bypassed the Abusuapanin of the immediate Royal family and surreptitiously, with the assistance of one Opanin Boakye Donko to enstooled Joseph Nkuah Mensah (Incumbent) as the chief of NKASAWURA against all customs usages and norms of the stool.

On hearing the alleged illegal enstoolment, Odeefuor Boa Amponsem asked the Abusuapanin of the whole Denkyira traditional council, the acting president of the Denkyira Traditional Council, the senior Linguist and some divisional chiefs to summon the Benkum divisional Queen mother (Nana Akua Owusuaa) and the queen mother of NKOTUMSO NKASAWURA to his palace at Jukwa to explain their actions.

The dual Queen mothers refused to show up to Denkyirahene’s call on grounds of sickness.

The part of the matter which is likely to generate conflict within the community is that,the Royal Ahwene family have been accused of describing the Arbitration committee who sat on the case after the death of Denkyira Hene of being BIASED.

Nana Nifahene ( Abuakwahene)chairman  Of the Arbitration Committee who sat on the case between the royal Ahwene family and the Judicial Committee on  the Nkotumso nkasawura stool case accused  elder Aduonum of saying they were bias in their ruling.

Speaking to Elder Aduonum, the proffered chief of the area on the issues, he said he was able to prove to the Arbitration Committee that indeed they were biased.

Stating that,first and foremost, the arbitration committee didn’t call  any of  their  witnesses but relied on the only testimony of the witness of their  opponent and ruled against them.

He further proved to the committee that, the alleged chief had not seen the black stool before; till date yet the Judicial committee pronounced him chief all the same.

Thirdly, he proved to them that irrespective of the fact that Odeefuo Boa Amponsem lll Omanhene of Denkyira, (who was sick at that time), the Acting President of Denkyira Traditional Council at that time, Late Nana Ayimadu Kuffour IV, (Nifahene), Denkyira Abusuapanin, Nana Ponful Agyemang lll, all these people denounced the alleged Chief of Nkotumso in a video he presented as evidence.

The Chairman of the Arbitration Committee on 16th August 2016 at Odeefuo’s palace, Dunkwa- On-Offin said it was obvious that the committee were bias that on the face of the evidence he exonerated Elder Aduonum from the charge leveled against him and recommended that new Judicial Committee be constituted to sit on the case.

Unfortunately, when the Standing Committee met to select a new committee, a group of chiefs led by Nana Ntire Twum Barimah ll (Denkyira Krontihene) resisted that they wouldn’t allow the old Judicial Committee to be changed, since those supporting the illegally installed chief were in majority.

Elder Aduonum and Abusuapanin Kwabena Afoakwa of the royal Ahwene family have now been forced to face this committee against their wish and the recommendation of the Chairman of the Arbitration committee and the current Ag. President Nana Agyei Nkyereye ll (Adontenhene) were not honored.

Is on records that, Elder Aduonum and his royal family have tendered a motion to remove 2 of the panel members on the case.

Secondly, that the members have voluntarily submitted a letter to remove themselves from the committee over a year and a half ago.

Thirdly, that the house has accepted and constituted a new panel over a year ago. That one of them who is the Ayanfurihene brought a letter to withdraw himself on health grounds.

The remaining 2 left were the Adontenhene (Ag. President) and Nana Gyinadu Kuffour ll ( Nana Da Costa the musician)now in the USA.As we speak no one has replaced Ayanfurihene to sit on the case.

“We’ve been waiting for one member to replace Nana Ayanfurihene over a year ago but to our surprise we were being forced to accept the old panel to sit on the case”.Elder Aduonum emphasized.

“Remember, this committee were clearly bias even in their ruling because even before the Substantive case is heard, they had already pronounced Joseph Nkuah Mensah a chief”. he indicated.

“Why, should this same committee be allowed to sit on the case again?” he asked

Elder Aduonum suspects that Mfuohemaa,krontihene, Denkyira Abusuapanin and NKOTUMSO NKASAWURA Obaapanin are deeply involved this mess.This he believes could lead to war if justice is not done.

From Ayisah Foster, Kumasi.

Fosterayisah53 @gmail.com

The writer is the Ashanti Regional correspondent for the Punch Newspaper



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