Young man sodomizes 16 year old brother and 75 year old Father

    /    Jun 28, 2017   /     Ashanti, NewsBreak  /    Comments are closed  /    668 Views
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A young man whose name has been given as only Alhassan is reportedly engaging in not only sodomy but incest. The guy is said to be sodomizing his 75 year old father and his 16 year old brother Awineh.

The victim/brother who narrated his ordeal to Kapital News intimated that the brother/culprit whom he says is a drug addict has been subjecting them to the act for over two years now.

The sickly looking boy disclosed that he passes blood in his stool due to the sore inflicted by the the act, adding that their 75 year old father is as well suffering as he passes blood in his stool too.

Narrating how it all started in the town of Komfo-kura around Nsuta in the Sekyere Central district of the Ashanti Region  Awineh tells Kapital News, “my senior brother asked me to get something for him from our room, which I did he then asked me to wait for him inside, when he came, he asked me to undress and lay on the bed but I refused, but he forced me, beat me and when I became weak, he rubbed Shea-butter around his manhood and then had anal sex with me. He stopped when he realised I was bleeding and warned me not to tell anybody  or he will kill me so I also shut up.”

He continued that, “I went to the farm only to return and find my father screaming and hurling curses at my brother so I quickly entered the room only to find my brother having anal sex with our dad too who is so weak his speech is not even very audible, my brother then warned me again to shut up and because he is the one who fends for us, I decided to keep it to myself.”

According to Awineh, the brother gives them 1 Cedi each daily for food and the only alternative when he doesn’t give is for him [Awineh] to go to the bush for food from surrounding farms.

The alleged Sodomy victim said he was told by his father that his mother died during childbirth and that he has never been to school since they couldn’t afford it.

“My father said my mother died when she was giving birth to me and when I grew up, there was no one taking care of me, just my father and big brother who is now maltreating us.”

The obviously traumatized 16 year old said he feels sick and all “I want is for someone to help me and my father because he is sick too and that is why I came to Kumasi.”

He is calling on authorities to arrest his brother and cater for “me and my father because he [the father] is dying.”

The boy has been taken to Agogo Government Hospital for assessment and treatment.

Meanwhile attempts to reach the brother alleged to be perpetrating the heinous act has been futile.

Source: Suraya Alidu Malititi |

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